Who are we?

Kissena is a club dedicated to the sport of competitive cycling. We are cyclists who are enthusiastic about riding and racing our bikes, and we all volunteer our time and efforts to make sure Kissena remains an active and highly participatory club. We welcome members who share our enthusiasm, and who are eager to help share the considerable workload necessary to keep improving the quality of our club’s many activities. While there is no official volunteering requirement, we expect each and every member actively to donate time and effort to club activities to the best of his or her ability. No wheel suckers!

Who can join Kissena?


While we will accept any new member, it is important to understand that we are a bicycle racing club. You will have the best experience in Kissena if you:

(a) own and are comfortable riding a standard road or cyclocross or track bike with clipless pedals

(b) have ridden your bike in groups

(c) have ridden over 30 miles multiple times

(d) know how do basic bicycle maintenance, like changing tires and tubes, cleaning and lubing chains, etc.

If you have do not have experience with the things above, then it might be best for you to gain the experience and knowledge on your own or elsewhere and then consider joining.

Interested in joining? Fill out this brief questionnaire and we’ll add you to our mailing list and notify you of upcoming New Member Rides

What types of races do Kissena members participate in?

Kissena has a strong presence in and around New York City on the road. Some of our riders travel to regional races (Green Mountain Stage Race, etc.) while others prefer to stay at home in the city. We have a strong and growing cyclocross contingent and a core group of track racers. We have a handful of members who enjoy hitting the mountain bike trails as well.

Can I ride at the track even if I’m not on Kissena?

Yes. All track races are open races.

Are you a CRCA team?

No. Although we occasionally co-promote events with CRCA, we are not a sub-team.

Do I have to marshal at races?

No. We do occasionally offer compensation for volunteering at race registration but we never require our members to volunteer.

Where are the races?

Local races are at Prospect Park, Central Park, The Kissena Velodrome and Floyd Bennett Field. There are other races around the region that we also participate in.

I’m nervous about my first race, can you help?

Sure. Depending on the time of year you may be able to join a clinic that is being offered or attend a ride with a mentor rider to get advice (see next question).

What type of training and coaching does Kissena offer?

Kissena has a mentorship system where riders with years of experience riding and racing provide mentorship to newer less experienced riders. In the past, the mentorship program has included weekly group rides, coached Prospect Park morning workouts, criterium racing clinics, cyclocross skills clinics, and workshops on creating a training plan.

Do I have to buy a jersey?

Yes, members are expected to race in current team uniforms.

What are the sponsorship benefits Kissena riders enjoy?

Kissena members race at a discount at all of Charlie I’s races, including the Tuesday night FBF series and the L&C Cup. The 2014 sponsors can be found here.

Are you guys on Facebook?

Find us here.

How about Twitter?

You betcha! Hit us up at @KissenaCycling

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